Weekly Clan-Friendship-Time with TH

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Weekly Clan-Friendship-Time with TH Empty Weekly Clan-Friendship-Time with TH

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:44 pm

Weekly Clan-Friendship-Time with NITRO

Hi everyone! I want to pronounce a weekly so called "Clan-Friendship-Time" with NITRO.
This never took place before so that's why I'm going to explain you what I mean:

A Clan-Friendship-Time is not a Clan-Practise! It's a time where people from two different clans are able to spend time together. Do matches, do duels, build human cities, build duel arenas and so on...

It's meant for people who don't want to stay all day long on servers like G&G or HCS. They could come around and have some fun with new people from another clan. Perhaps some of you will find new friends or scout talented players.

About NITRO:
NITRO is a funclan. I created it 1-2 years ago. There are many good and friendly players in it. Unfortunately most of my members got inactive, but I already scouted new active members and invited them to my clan. I gave them admin-rights to invite more and more people and my clan grows again.

Information about the server and the time:
Date: Every Friday
Time: 17 GMT
if you don't know what this time is in your country look here!
Duration: About 1-2 hours
Server: Newerth.com NITRO Server
Password: n2o
IP-Adress: -
Port: 11235

It would also be cool if you go on Teamspeak 2! Download it here!
Server: newerth.com
Port: 8767


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